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June 29th, thoughts revealed.

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One of my last days/night on PEI and I'm not really sure how that makes me feel. or I'm not sure. Nearly everything I own is in boxes or in hockey bags. It's a depressing mood, but it also gives me this huge feeling of....relief? I don't get it either. Tonight was my last tennis practice before the Games, and just as I was starting to think that maybe I'd want to stay on brothers ruined it. Everything seems to be falling into place and making me make the move...of moving. Leaving PEI might not be the best, or right thing for me. But it seems to be what I want. Or what I need emotionally. 8 weeks to think seems to be a lot but I'm afraid it wont be enough for this life changing decision. Everything comes in play: school, cadets, biathlon. My whole future really. But before I snap and freak, leaving tomorrow for the Games and back on the 4th. Therefore if I don't reply to anyone or anything, that would be the reason.