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Summer Training Penhold

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I am going to summer training this year in Penhold Alberta. I am scared because this is my first year going to camp and I am going to a 6 week music cource. Are there any tips people can give me for summer training?


  1. DrillGOD822 -
    DrillGOD822's Avatar
    Hey, I'll give you a couple:
    1) Don't bring any pictures of your parents, grandparents or friends...that's just a given to you to become home sick
    2) Join EVERYTHING you can at camp; it'll keep yourself busy and not think or have nostalgic moments of home or friends
    3) As soon as you get on the plane or arrive there, BECOME friends WITH anyone you can; make sure you do it quick!
    4) Smile (never hurts)
    5) ALWAYS, regardless of what's going on, think bright and think on the bright side; it helps a lot
    6) Have fun and enjoy yourself and every moment of camp
    7) Make the best of it and...pretend you're representing your squadron at camp

    Good Luck, I'm going on a 6 week course as well at SLC Cold Lake.
  2. luvin-cadets -
    luvin-cadets's Avatar
    Most important tip:
    -Be sure to have fun, take time to improve yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, that's what your staff is for! Have a great time, because when you get home, you will miss it so much!