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Lt(N) Deck

Introducing CWblog!

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Cadet-World has now implemented the Vbulletin Blog system as part of our website!

This enables us to have CWblog, where CW members can have their very own Cadet-related blog.

CWblog is designed for content that is related to your Cadet or Military experience in some way. Blog posts about your life in general are not completely discouraged, but we want this to be a place where you can talk about your life as it relates to your Cadet / Military experience. Blog about your Cadet unit in general, the things your unit does, the things you did at summer training, blog about being in the band or on the drill team, etc. If you are not a Cadet but are in the Military, blog about your job, whether as a Cadet Instructor, Regular Force member or Reservist. This is a great way for former Cadets who have joined the military to share some of your experiences with current Cadets, or with your family and friends.

What we don't want are blogs that are overly political, negative about someone or something, etc. Feel free to set up your own blog somewhere else for that. And of course, all of the regular CW House Rules apply in CWblog, so keep your blog entries clean, no harassment, and no overt "dirty laundry." We don't mind the occasional plug of a Cadet / Military related product here and there, but if you are using your blog just to advertise something for your own gain, that's not cool and we will delete it.

CWblog allows for CW members to comment on your blog entries. In your blog control panel, you can control who can see your blog - Friends and Contacts only, all members / general public, etc, and you can prevent people on your Ignore list from seeing your blog. You can also determine which of those groups can comment on your blogs (unregistered visitors cannot comment on any blogs.) You can also control whether comments are posted immediately, or are moderated by you: you can approve or deny comments on your blog. Or you can disable comments completely.

Other features of CWblog:

- blog entries are summarized and linked on your profile page.

- you can set up categories for your blog entries.

- you can subscribe to blogs and get email updates when someone posts a new blog entry.

- you can subscribe to comments in your blog entries and be notified by email when someone comments on your blog.

- blogs are viewable by RSS feed. Using an RSS feed viewer, someone can subscribe directly to your blog through RSS, or you can view all publicly accessible CWblogs via RSS.

- blogs are fully searchable with the Vbulletin search feature.

This is the first version of the Vbulletin blog, a new version will be coming out soon with even more exciting features and we will upgrade to that as soon as we can.

So, happy blogging!

Feel free to leave me a comment on this entry!


Updated 21st August 2008 at 16:43 by Lt(N) Deck

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  1. SI_girl -
    SI_girl's Avatar
    I think it's a great idea, new ways of sharing info is always cool. Hopefully I can get the time to actually do one myself
  2. Slushie -
    Slushie's Avatar
    haha, i beleive the correct props were not given, if i remember correctly, Chief (now CI) Dollis started his own personal thread, and idea which i stole, then barbie threw the idea out there of makeing CW blogs, or am i just completely off base and need to stop talking now?
  3. Lt(N) Deck -
    Lt(N) Deck's Avatar
    Slushie, I have no recollection of any of that, but the blogging option is something we have talked about adding for quite some time to let members further personalize their "space" here at CW.
  4. Barbie -
    Barbie's Avatar
    I did suggest it, but I'm pretty sure Lt. Deck is right that this option has been though about for some time, because I remember that was last summer when all of us were ultimately the bored-est people around.
  5. Slushie -
    Slushie's Avatar
    true, haha, well i'm glad to see we finally got CW blogs,

  6. ML88 -
    ML88's Avatar
    love the CW blog, people that can relate to me can post on my blog and help me out when I need it.