After a rough year last year, I was excited for a change in my unit.

    I was appointed Coxswain, and promoted to CPO1 by my new CO. I have worked 10x harder being with such amazing staff, and they have been so supportive of me.

    They put my name in for the HMCS ONTARIO Citation, and i was so happy, and I was so proud...But then I got accepted to the Seamanship Deployment in BC, which they also applied for me! I had no idea...

    Then I get a call while away on my deployment that I got accepted on an International Exchange to BERMUDA!!!!! The portfollio they submitted was amazing, and I am proud to be Coxswain of a corps with such great and supportive officers.

    I already have the NL Medal of Excellence...but that didn't stop my Officers from submitting my name again, and the best letters of recommendations I have ever seen.......

    I am now the Top Sea Cadet of Ontario !!! Myself and 4 others now get to wait to see who is number 1 in Canada.

    This has been my year, and I am so blessed to have achieved so much already, and Its only March.

    I truly have the most amazing people in my life. <3
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