• Eastern Region Cadet Music Festival

    On the weekend of March 23 and 24, Jeanne-Mance High School in Drummondville will host nearly 1000 people for the ERCMF. A record number of 85 cadet corps will be represented.

    In an atmosphere of camaraderie, some 920 participants will compete in different musical categories. From popular to classical music, from film scores to military marches, the ERCMF will be a lively event for participants and spectators alike.

    The ERCMF is about more than just playing music. Some cadets will be able to obtain their music qualification levels. There will be booths displaying musical products, instruments and even information on accredited music programs in the province. Also, the final round of the Loaded with Talent competition will take place at the ERCMF.

    This special weekend will be an opportunity to discover all of the Eastern Region cadets’ hidden talents.

    Credit: RCSU(Eastern)
    Photo Credit: RCSU(Eastern)
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    1. euphman395's Avatar
      I think all regions could take some advice regarding the Music Program, in general, from Eastern Region. Bravo!