• CW Best of 2012!

    CW BEST OF 2012

    With the start of the new year, the staff at CW have come together and agreed that we would release a Best of 2012 article, showing the top thread, post, user, and blog for all of 2012! A number of candidates were considered, and on behalf of the staff I would like to offer a big BZ to those people selected for the ‘best of 2012’!

    In saying that, we would also like to extend a large thank-you to all of the members who have posted throughout the past year, as without you – there would be no CW. We appreciate those of you who regularly come around the site and contribute to the discussions, and have helped to build the site to what it is today.

    Without further adieu, we will begin the best of 2012 with the best thread!


    The best thread, while there have been a number of excellent candidates, goes to a thread created by Cpl Christopher Dyduch, AKA chris9950 with his thread titled ‘My first day, and why I stay’. This thread has been a great way for members of the site to come together and talk about the reasons that keep them involved in the Canadian Cadet Organizations, and I believe that this thread is the very core of what this site is built around. People have posted to this thread with fantastic answers, giving readers an idea of some of the main opportunities which cadets get to participate in thanks to this fantastic program.

    Read through this thread and join in on the discussion here!

    BEST POST OF 2012

    This year, the top post goes to Jason Nichol, AKA J. Nichol, a former army cadet with his post in the Support Our Troops Forum. The connection Mr. Nichol has formed with this young Canadian soldier is truly remarkable, and it sets an example for all Canadians when making the statement ‘lest we forget’.

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Nichol
    I never met him and I know relatively little about him, but for years i've been moved by one Private Franklin D. Aish.

    I first learned of him through my last summer in the army cadets, when I was selected for the Maple Leaf Exchange in 2009. On one of our last days in Europe, we took a trip to Vimy Ridge. We read names of the missing on the momument, took our group photo, then went into two of the nearby cemetaries. I decided to enter the smaller cemetary, and as I walked down the rows, I noticed that every grave had the same date on it: April 9th 1917. The first day of the battle for Vimy Ridge. That graveyard is where I met Aish.

    For this forum and cadets in particular, this picture really hits home.

    He was just 16.

    I never forgot about him. This year, on the 95th anniversary of the day he gave the ultimate sacrifice, I went back to Vimy as a chaperone with my old corps. After the rain-soaked youth ceremony for the fallen in the larger cemetary concluded, I made a point of returning to his grave. Now that I knew he was there, I had written him a letter in my FMP, and thought to have a picture taken.

    Lest we forget.

    This goes to former cadet Karyssa Nielsen, AKA neilsenk. A fantastic blog post about her time as a cadet in both the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. A very fitting title, ‘Thank you Cadets Canada!’ See the blog post here!


    BEST USER OF 2012

    The best user of 2012, who has made fantastic contributions to the site through their posting in the forums and participation in different discussions, is FCpl Cavan Watt, AKA 831RCACS. FCpl Watt has been very active in the forums over the year, starting a number of fantastic threads dealing with a number of different topics. FCpl Watt has demonstrated a genuine interest in the program he’s involved in and for this reason, he is our best user for this year.
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    1. dhillon's Avatar
      I agree with the top selections of the year! I also felt the Vimy post was outstanding. Looking forward to 2013.
    1. nielsenk's Avatar
      YAY I am honoured to be best blog post
    1. FCpl Smith's Avatar
      Can we have a best new user of 2012 award?
    1. chris9950's Avatar
      WOW..... I'm speechless. I cannot believe that my thread made it to the CW best of CW 2012 as the best thread. I am overwhelmed with joy, and am glad that I can remind people on why cadets love being cadets. No matter how much trouble we can get ourselves into