• Member Spotlight: July 2012

    This month, Cadetworld recognizes BlackPage, otherwise known as MS Ellen Molloy, from 53 RCSCC Barrie!

    MS Molloy came to 53 Barrie after coming in contact with an officer working at her school, who invited her to try it out. She only came across CadetWorld when she was invited to participate in the youth advisory E-panel, where she began making her mark on our blogs feature. Her favourite aspects of the program involve a little bit of everything, and just how much is available to try and do. She loves the fact that she now has friends across Canada and abroad though the Cadet movement.

    "Every weekend is filled with a trip, training, or something else cadet related. and then there's camp, which is another awesome thing in itself."

    She aspires to become the Cox'n of her corps, and retire at the rank of CPO1. Afterwards, she plans on becoming a Bos'n in the Royal Canadian Navy.

    Bravo Zulu MS, and keep working towards your goals!
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    1. S Urbanoski's Avatar
      I am pleased to announce that we have had a user volunteer his time in order to revive this fantastic feature.

      I am looking forward to seeing this feature revised and can't wait to see our next Spotlight feature!

      If you have an idea for a way you would like to contribute to CW - Please drop me a line.
    1. Thundah's Avatar
      Hello fellow CW members, I'm FCpl Korolenchuk, aka Thundah and I have been tasked to reboot our "Member Spotlight" feature.

      I haven't gotten any submissions from anyone yet, although I have gotten feedback and interest.

      Any current cadet who would like to let us know a bit about them, please PM me so I can get the ball rolling. Hopefully I can get a worthy spotlight out for January.

      Over and out :P