• Best of...April 2012!

    Best of CW - April 2012!

    The staff at CW have been doing some spying on the forums and have come up with multiple things which we have decided would make an excellent few ideas for the ‘CW Best of April 2012’. We have found a thread, picture, post, forum and blog which have all done the site well over the course of the past month!

    Thread: Air vs Army vs Sea Culture started by Kamal7

    FSgt Kamal’s curiosity has sparked an excellent discussion on what each unit/element does to call it their own and to have their own culture! Some very interesting traditions, marches, and other topics have been discussed!

    Learn some new things and have a read through the thread here!

    Picture: CPO1 Chris Allen

    Given by CPO1 Chris Allen and posted in the ‘Pictures of you in your uniform’ Thread. CPO Allen participated in a candle lighting ceremony and got a great picture with his grandfather in front of the grave of his great-grandfather, a WW1 Veteran!

    Post: Lt B Dhillon

    Lt Dhillon takes the cake here with his reply to the thread ‘How to define & what to expect from an air cadet corporal'.

    Read the whole thing here!

    For the official answer: The Air Cadet Proficiency Level 1 Qualification Standard & Plan (QS&P) should give you a reasonable idea as to what is to be expected from a Cadet Corporal (Cpl). All Cadets holding the rank should meet the standards outlined there. The implementation of local or regional standards in addition to these is prohibited and should not be implemented as was made clear with the rollout of the Cadet Program Update (CPU) in 2008.

    In other news, my personal views are that a Cpl should be responsible by seeking answers on their own, be able to advise younger Cadets on general Cadet knowledge (ie. uniform maintenance, rank system, etc), and set a good personal example by having a good level (70+%) of attendance at both mandatory and complementary activities. A Cpl should also show an interest in participating in at least 1 optional training team (ie. drill, band, shooting, orienteering, swimming, sports, biathlon, etc) if their schedule permits. When a Cpl cannot attend, they make sure they follow the correct procedure for requesting excusal and encourage their subordinates to do the same therefore leading by example. They ensure they follow all lawful orders and are always respectful of the chain of command.

    Again, these are all simply my personal views on what a Cpl should be like.
    Forum: Cadet Chat

    The forum that seems to have had the most attention over the past month appears to have been the Cadet Chat forum!

    Blog post: CI Schan

    Congratulations to CI Schan for taking the first steps into her enrollment process as a CIC Officer and welcome back to the site!

    See it here!

    Quote Originally Posted by R. Schan Blog
    Hey guys!

    I haven't been on here in a while. Well, I've been signing in and reading posts, etc. but haven't posted anything myself in a while. I logged on a few days ago and saw that I'm a senior member! Five years! WOW.

    As anyone can see by my signature, I'm a CI with my original unit as the assistant administration officer. This past Tuesday, I sat down with my CO and we talked about me starting the enrolment process. Everything went well as we are now beginning it! I am beyond excited as I just want to stay involved in the program as much as possible. I think cadets is one of the best youth programs out there and want to give back by helping out in anyway possible! It did so much for me!

    I'll keep everyone updated as the process progresses!
    Bravo Zulu to all of the fantastic users who keep this site running and to the people mentioned as the ‘Best of April 2012’!
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