• CadetWorld New User Tutorial

    CadetWorld New User Tutorial

    Are you new to forums? Not sure how the forum software works? Don't know how to post a question , search for previously discussed topics, edit your profile, or add a signature? Then this tutorial is for you!


    Welcome to CadetWorld! (Widely called CW). We’re very happy you have decided to start an account with us, and we’re sure you are very eager to start sharing your views and ideas. This tutorial will help you get comfortable with the site in areas such as going through the forums, Posting, using the ‘Search’ tab, sending Private Messages (PM), updating your User Profile, using the ‘New Post’ tab, and updating your signature. Should you have any further questions after having read through this tutorial, feel free to use the ‘help line’ link at the bottom of this page to contact one of our cadet moderators via PM with your question. The cadet moderators are members of a number of different cadet movements around the world, and are here to work with the users to ensure a safe environment. So, without further adieu, lets begin!

    Navigating the forums

    As CW is a cadet based forum, you will of course want to understand how to navigate the forums and view ongoing discussions. To do this, we have made it relatively simple. From the ‘CW Home Page (Or any page for that matter) simply click the ‘Forums’ tab just below the CadetWorld logo. Here:

    Great! You’ve taken your first step towards the forums. Once on the forums page, scroll down through until you find one that you think you will find interest in OR you feel your topic will be best suited to. The forums include Cadet Chat, Air Cadet Central, Sea Cadet Central, Army Cadet Central, Stand Easy, International Issues, Support our Troops, ANZAC Forum, British Cadet Forum, United States of Cadets, Music Company and Parade Square, Forum Francais, CW Legion, CWwiki Discussion, Announcements and Congratulations, Help and Suggestions Forum, Messages from Staff, as well as a number of others which you may be granted access depending on your affiliation with the Cadet Movement. To go to a specific forum, simply click the name of it and you will be taken there. Like this:

    You will then see a list of discussion topics, which once again you can view in full by clicking the name of the topic you wish to view. Like this:


    So, you’re ready to make your first post! We have made this quite simple for you. To do this, you will first need to find the topic which you want to post in by using the method described in the “Navigating the Forums” portion of this tutorial. You can do two things with regards to posting, either reply to an existing thread or create a new thread.

    Post a New Thread

    First, you must find the forum which you wish to post the thread in. Lets say I want to find out what the best boot polish is. Searching through the list of forums, I would probably decide this thread is best suited to the “Cadet Chat” Forum. We will go there as was explained previously in the tutorial.

    Once you are in the correct forum, simply select the “Post New Thread” tab towards the top of the page. Here:

    Now you are at the “New Post Screen” The Title Section (1) is where you place the title of your thread, in this case an example could be “Boot Polish, Who’s Number 1?”

    The large box below the title section is where you write your message. (2) Write whatever you wish here (Within reason) about your topic!

    The Admin has also provided you with the use of different fonts, bold, underline, (3) as well as a number of different emoticons (4). You can use these by simply clicking on them when you wish to use them.

    Now you know how to Post a new thread, let’s go over how to reply to an existing thread.

    Reply to an Existing Thread

    First, find the thread you wish to reply to by using the method shown in the Navigating the Forums Tutorial. Once in the thread, click the tab near the top of the screen (there’s also one at the bottom of the screen) which reads Reply to Thread. Here:

    The post itself is done in the exact same way as was explained in the Post a New Thread Section! Easy, right?


    Ok, you have learnt how to post and now you wish to add a picture, say the world renowned ‘Photos of you in your Uniform’ Thread. First, go to the thread and click the “Reply to Thread” Tab as was explained in previous sections.

    Scroll down the screen until you see the ‘manage attachments’ tab. Here:

    You will then have a pop up attachments manager on your screen. Follow the steps and you will have your attachments added to the message!

    Using the ‘New Posts” Tab

    To make it easier if you are a frequent user of CW, we have incorporated a ‘New Posts’ tab to show you only the new posts since the last time you visited the site. This is very convenient so that users do not have to go through each and every forum every time they wish to see what has been added to the site. Simply click the tab, and it will show you all the new posts. Go to the topics by clicking the name of them.

    The new posts tab is located under the forum tab here:

    Using the Search Tab

    Because CW has been around for quite some time, many times a question you may have will already have an answer to it. Use the search tab to bring up other threads which may relate to what you’re looking for. The search tab is located in the upper right hand section of all pages. Here:

    Just type in your query, and see what replies you get back! You can narrow your search through use of the ‘Advanced Search’ and following the instructions on that page.

    Sending Private Messages

    Private Messages are like the ‘E-Mail’ of CW. Many times referred to as a PM, this allows users to communicate in a non-public setting to ask questions or just reconnect with old friends!

    To send a private message is simple, find a post by the user you wish to PM and click on their Username (1), a new tab will come up with a number of options, one of which is ‘Send a PM’ (2) Click on this. Here:

    You will be brought to the ‘Send a PM” Page, which works exactly the same way as the New Post page as was detailed in the ‘Reply to an Existing Thread” portion of this tutorial.

    Updating your User Profile

    Want people to know who you are? Then you’re going to need to update your user profile! Go there by clicking the ‘settings’ tab in the upper right hand corner of the page. Here:

    Once in the settings menu, scroll down until you see ‘Edit Profile’ on the left side of the page. Click this and fill in your information that you wish to share! Here:

    Updating your Signature

    You will notice that many users have their Names, Units, Medals, etc. attached to the bottom of each post they make. This is called their signature. To change this, follow the same steps to go to the settings menu and scroll down to ‘Edit Signature.’

    Once at the ‘edit signature ‘page, you’re ready to start. Use whatever you like in order to write your signature by way of fonts, underlines, and anything else.

    To include medals, flags or ribbons in your signature, follow this link - http://www.cadet-world.com/cwforums/...s-or-signature

    Signatures sometimes take time to complete, depending on how much you want to include. An example of a signature is this:

    To have the signature as it is, (I.E. Centered, bolded, different font, flag, wings, medals, URL link, etc.) all takes the use of codes. This signature is typed into the box as:

    [FONT="Arial Narrow"][B][CENTER]Warrant Officer First Class Travis Buckle
    Squadron Commander, [URL="http://www.facebook.com/510AirCadets"]510 Lions RCACS[/URL]
    Senior Environmental Cadet 2011 NL Cadet Detachment

    It will usually take some practice before the signature is as you want it, and be sure to use the ‘Preview’ button before you hit save, so you can see what it will look like first!

    NOTE: It is asked that you only include awards/ranks which you have actually attained in your signature and profile. Failure to comply with this will result in the Moderators or Administrators asking you to remove any false statements.


    This concludes the tutorial! Should you have any other questions, please use the Help and Suggestion Forum to ask for help!