• Preparing for a National Course Review Board

    I have seen quite a bit of discussion on review boards on CW recently, so I would like to give some insight and some personal suggestions/tips on how to better prepare yourself and leave the interview feeling good about yourself.

    Ref: A. 2012 National Course Handbook
    B. My noggin'

    Intro to Review Boards

    The interview is a merit list process tool for the board to assess each candidate in person to assign them a score. This is also a development activity for cadets to introduce cadets to business formalities. This will help prepare you for future cadet interviews and potential career path interviews.

    Who Are They?
    The interview board consists of a mix of OPC Directors, Gliding Centre CIC Officers, Detachment and RCSU personnel. If there are shortages of the previously stated, you may see members of SSC or CO's. All interviews are conducted in person.

    What to Expect

    The interview board is usually composed of a 3 person. For GPS and PPS candidates you will expect to see at least one Gliding Centre Officer on your board.

    Usually, it is approximately 12-15 minutes per cadet as they do have to accomplish all of the interviews on that particular day. From personal experience, they have been known to go as long as 45 minutes. Do not judge the duration of the interview and attempt to correspond it to how well you did!

    This is extremely important as the procedure is depicted by you! You have control over this portion of the interview. Unless given other instructions, the procedure goes as follows:

    1. Enter facing the board, wearing headdress
    2. Salute
    3. Wait until you are offered a seat
    4. Once seated you may remove your headdress
    Once Interview is Complete:
    1. Stand, replace headdress
    2. Salute
    3. Smartly exit the room

    After you depart, the board members will assign marks in each of the following subjects

    General Knowledge
    Course Knowledge
    Ability to Express Yourself
    Squadron Contributions
    Uniform Appearance

    The remaining portions of the merit system involve an education board that will score your transcript for a total score our of 100. You will then be placed on the merit list.

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