• Where to Wear Your Poppy (2011)

    Remembrance Day will soon be upon us, and poppies are now authorized for wear on our uniforms. Every year at this time, some people are confused as to where to wear their poppy, and it is not uncommon to see Cadets or even CF personnel with poppies in the wrong location. This article will serve as a reference to help people know where they should wear a poppy. This article is updated for 2011 to reflect the change in where Cadet medals are worn.

    In general, a poppy is worn "above one's heart" on the left hand side. Generally, if you are wearing an article of clothing that has breast pockets, it is worn on the flap above your left breast pocket. If you have a medal hanging there you would place the poppy above the medal. If you are wearing an article of clothing with lapels, such as a CF tunic or overcoat, or a civilian suit jacket, it is worn on the left lapel. For any other article of clothing, such as a windbreaker jacket the poppy should be worn in the approximate location of where a left breast pocket would be. One notable exception is that CF members wearing cadpat combat clothing wear the poppy on the top of the rank slip-on which is centered in the front of the jacket.

    The following two images provide a visual guide for Cadets and CF members to determine where to wear their poppy.


    Canadian Forces Members

    If you have a question or comment about wearing of the poppy that is not covered in the above information and guides, feel free to discuss it in the comments section below.
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    1. N. McKay's Avatar
      One comment for anyone wearing the navy parka: It may not be clear from the picture, but the pin goes through the pocket flap, not through the body of the jacket.
    1. Bos'n101's Avatar
      Curious. I'd just pulled open the 265 in preparation for an upcoming Dining In, and it has the poppy on the chest, above the medals for mess dress. Can anyone clarify this for me?
    1. ctjj.stevenson's Avatar

      The left image, I found on the website of RCSU Eastern: http://www.cadets.ca/WorkArea/linkit...&ItemID=131310. The right image I made, seeing that there wasn't a naval varient. I would assume that on the naval mess jacket, the poppy would be above medals, however, on the jacket lapel seeing that on naval mess dress, that is wear the medals are found. In the army and the air force, they wear their medals on the chest, therefore, the poppies are placed on the chest (I guess).
    1. Stone2422's Avatar
      Overcoat = highland tunic?
    1. Lt(N) Deck's Avatar
      Bumping this thread for 2012 to remind everyone of this resource.

    1. Lt(N) Deck's Avatar
      It's that time of year again, bumping this thread up to remind people. Feel free to share this article with your Cadet units.

    1. Thundah's Avatar
      I believe it was changed this year to allow room for the 1812 pins, a few CSTCs and the Central Region Facebook pages released a version where the poppy is on the right side of the pin, on the left pocket.

      Edit: some sources say left side of the pocket.
    1. Juice's Avatar
      It goes on the inner side of your chest on the pocket, the same way higher precedence medals go towards the inside of your chest.