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    Published on 4th March 2011 22:26

    The polls are now open for the CW Memeber's Choice Awards for contributions made during the year 2010. Come cast your vote for your favourite members in the following categories.

    (Update: these polls are now closed.)
    Published on 30th September 2010 14:34

    CadetWorld is pleased to announce our newest members of the CW Staff!

    We had several good applicants, and we thank everyone who applied for their interest. Obviously we had more applicants than positions, so some tough choices had to be made. We encourage you to apply again down the road when positions open up again.

    Without further adieu, here are our new Moderators:

    by Published on 18th September 2010 02:02


    Welcome to the new look for Cadet-World! We have upgraded the forum software to vBulletin version 4, and thought that the place was overdue for a bit of a paint job and some renos.

    The first thing you probably notice is the header logo has changed a lot! We've updated the logo to freshen it up, and we have added some little flags to jazz it up. Those flags sum up CW in a nutshell...the different Cadet elements and the different countries that make up most of our members here.

    We gave the overall theme a touch-up too. The main colours that we have used for years, a combination of blues that I like to call "CW Cool Blue" is still our predominant theme. The colours are recognizable as part of CW's identity, so we stuck with them with some minor changes to brighten things up, such as adding some depth and colour gradients to some of the separator bars and buttons. We've added a bit more burgundy-red as well to some of the links and so forth as well.