• CW Forum Upgrade


    Welcome to the new look for Cadet-World! We have upgraded the forum software to vBulletin version 4, and thought that the place was overdue for a bit of a paint job and some renos.

    The first thing you probably notice is the header logo has changed a lot! We've updated the logo to freshen it up, and we have added some little flags to jazz it up. Those flags sum up CW in a nutshell...the different Cadet elements and the different countries that make up most of our members here.

    We gave the overall theme a touch-up too. The main colours that we have used for years, a combination of blues that I like to call "CW Cool Blue" is still our predominant theme. The colours are recognizable as part of CW's identity, so we stuck with them with some minor changes to brighten things up, such as adding some depth and colour gradients to some of the separator bars and buttons. We've added a bit more burgundy-red as well to some of the links and so forth as well.

    The forum software has a whole new look. You'll find the basics of using the site are the same, just the look and feel of the buttons are a bit different.

    You will notice a sidebar along the right hand side of the main Forum Home. This will show you things like recent posts, polls, blog posts, a link to our Twitter feed, and a little bit of advertising to help pay the bills. The Blogs look different as well, with a bit of variation to the colour theme.

    There is now a "Home" button which will take you to the "front pages." The front pages will contain articles, like an online magazine or newspaper has, which will be easily readable by members or non-members. In the past, CW had "back pages", some fun content that was under sections like Resources, Entertainment, etc. That will all migrate over to the "Front Pages" in the weeks to come. The front pages content is managed by a new content management system that makes it easy to add new content, just as if you were typing a forum post or a blog. We are going to set up some categories for content, and then people who want to contribute front pages content to the site can request permission to become a content contributor, and if approved, be set up to write articles for CW's content section! Those articles will be vey search-engine friendly, so your writing can get good search rankings and help bring traffic to CW. We also have the ability to "promote" any forum post or blog post to a front page article as well, so if you write something great that we feel deserves to be promoted to the front pages, then you might get your content promoted. Right now there is not any content up there, I have some work to do still to set up the sections, etc, and migrate some of our existing stuff over. We will let you know when we are ready to start accepting new articles from members.

    For the next couple of weeks, some things are not going to be quite working as they were. The CWwiki software needs an upgrade, so is offline right now. CWchat works, but only if you go there directly, there is no link to it in the menu yet and I have to install the add-ons that show who is chatting, etc. (Direct link is: http://www.cadet-world.com/cwforums/.../flashchat.php) However, you will probably have to manually type in your user name and password to access CWchat until I can get the integration done properly. Both the CWwiki and CWchat will need to have their looks updated to the new style as well. There may be other things you were used to that I have to reinstall. Please be patient, and if you have any questions, suggestions or notice anything that appears broken, there will be a thread started in Help & Suggestions that you can post in. Meanwhile, the tech guy still has a lot of work ahead to make it all right again.

    Oh, and for those of you who use it, there is no "mobile" lightweight skin right now for use on your smartphone. I'll get one of those installed in the near future too. Update - the mobile skin is now available.

    We hope you like the new look, and welcome your feedback in Help & Suggestions!
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