• CW House Rules

    CadetWorld House Rules

    In order to have a respectful, productive and fun website, all members are expected to read and follow these rules.

    Our Responsibilities Your Responsibilities
    * To provide the premier online gathering place for the global cadet community.
    * To foster a positive environment for our users, staff and guests.
    * To make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information given.
    * To improve our service based on suggestions by the users and staff.
    * To deal efficiently and in a timely manner with disruptions and complaints.
    * To provide pertinent information regarding site maintenance and downtime, within a reasonable time-frame.
    * To provide a professional, fresh design.
    * To have fun!
    * To represent yourself appropriately and correctly as a member of the global cadet community.
    * To treat all users and staff with respect and dignity at all times.
    * To address issues and complaints to the CW Staff in a timely and respectful manner.
    * To make sensible suggestions to better the environment and atmosphere of CadetWorld.
    * To express your views online in the same manner as would be expected of you in person.
    * To make every effort to ensure spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.
    * To have fun!

    The Rules

    1. Language

    Consider your audience before you post. Would you say that to another cadet in person? No? Then why type it? Mutual respect is a key factor when considering the tone and context of your posting. Profane, degrading or indecent language will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The use of symbols such as "*" or "!" to replace letters in swear words is not permitted.

    The editing of inappropriate language remains at the discretion of the CW Staff.

    2. Harassment and Abuse

    Treat each other with dignity and respect, Not too much to ask, eh? CadetWorld operates a zero tolerance policy for harassment or abuse of any form, and the management will cooperate fully with any outside agency regarding harassment, or any illegal activity.

    3. Advertising and Spam

    The abuse of CW, or the CW membership, for personal advertising purposes and/or spam is not acceptable. Spam is defined as posting a message many times to different places, posting an inappropriate message to multiple different places, or to send an unsolicited message, such as an advertisement, to many people via private messaging.

    All of that being said, we’re ALL about supporting other cadet organizations and sites. If you have a site that you would like supported by CadetWorld, please contact the General Manager.

    4. Airing "Dirty Laundry"

    CadetWorld is not to be used to express negative opinions about your cadet organization, unit, or members within it. Specific events and details relating to investigations, or mistreatment, should not be posted. If a member of CW Staff requests a sensitive topic not be discussed further, please respect this. Should an issue arise that you feel warrants discussion, please edit your post to avoid use of names and specifics. If you are unsure of whether your topic falls within the CadetWorld House Rules, please contact your friendly neighborhood Moderator.

    5. Privacy

    People who are not members of CadetWorld and are therefore unable to verify the facts, should not be quoted as examples. It is acceptable to post cadets names to congratulate them on an achievement, or to establish that you know them. It is also acceptable to post respectful memorial threads about those who have passed away.

    6. Signatures

    Signatures should include basic personal information. Course lists can be written into your user profile and should not be listed in your signature. A signature is a brief identifier, not a life story. Large or gaudy text is not appropriate. If it hurts your eyes, odds are it’s going to hurt ours too! Signature lengths, sizes and other characteristics are limited by the forum software. If you are indicating a rank, it should be clear which organization you belong to at that rank. Any medals used in signatures should be medals you are authorized to wear within your organization.

    7. Avatars and Profile Pictures

    Any Cadet / Military badges used as an avatar should accurately reflect a rank you currently hold, a course you have attended, or a qualification you hold. Putting up a rank, course or qualification badge you are not entitled to wear in real life is not acceptable. Profile pictures should follow the same rules, and be either a tasteful picture of yourself, your property, or other suitable picture regarding your hobbies or activities. Profile pictures should not include badges you are not entitled to wear as a member of that organization. Displaying weaponry outside of a cadet related context is not supported by the staff of this site.

    8. Custom Avatars

    Members who volunteer their time and energy to improve and add to the Cadet World environment may be eligible for a custom avatar. Custom avatars are awarded as projects are completed and as time permits.

    9. Corps/Squadron Avatars

    A Corps or Squadron that reaches the mark of 7 active users is eligible to obtain an avatar of their crest.

    10. Corps / Squadron Forums

    A Corps or Squadron that reaches the mark of 15 active users is eligible to obtain a private group forum.

    11. Staff and Moderators

    All CW Staff and Moderators are volunteers, selected from the users by the management to take on specific long or short-term duties. Moderators and Staff have the full support of the CW management and should be treated with courtesy and respect. If you believe you may have something to offer CadetWorld, please contact any member of the CW management.

    12. Expressing Displeasure

    In the event you are unhappy with another member of CadetWorld, a member of the staff, or an event which has occurred on the site, please contact a staff member in private to deal with the matter. Public addressing of these types of concerns fosters a negative environment and is discouraged.

    13. Failure to Have Fun

    Perhaps the most integral of all rules on this site is to enjoy yourself (within the scope of the other rules.) A negative attitude brings the other members down. If you’re having a bad day, spend some time in the Entertainment Section, not on the forums. If life is treating you unfairly, toss on some tunes and hang out in Stand Easy for a bit. Remember that your attitude impacts the rest of the world.

    14. Infringement of the CW House Rules

    In the event you are deemed by the CW Staff to be in contradiction of these rules, you will be issued a warning or strike, dependent on severity, and a note will be made on your user record. A warning is issued for minor and/or first offenses, and should be treated as a friendly reminder of the rules. A strike is issued for more serious or repeated offenses (more than one strike may be issued for very severe offenses). After three months, strikes will be re-evaluated and removed as appropriate. A user may be temporarily banned on reaching a total of three strikes. A staff member will inform you of the length of this ban. Users and IP addresses may be permanently banned at the discretion of the management, following serious offenses. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, concerns should be addressed via email to the forums manager or any other CW manager.

    CW Staff in violation of any house rules will be dealt with harshly and immediately by the management. Concerns should be addressed to any CW manager, via email or private message.

    15. Disclaimers

    The staff and management of CadetWorld cannot be held responsible for the content of this website. Opinions and views belonging to the users of this site are not necessarily those of the staff. The management's decision is final in any dispute.

    CadetWorld is not an "Official" website of any national Cadet Organization or any national Military Service. CadetWorld does not officially represent any Cadet Organization, Military Service or Government Agency. Any opinions or views expressed on CadetWorld are solely those of the authors, and not necessarily the opinions or views of the management or staff of CadetWorld, or of any Cadet Organization, Military Service or Government Agency the author may be a member of. Any inquires regarding CadetWorld can be addressed to the management via our Online Contact Form.