• Army Cadet Awarded the Cadet Medal of Bravery

    LCol Shields, DCO of RCSU(Central), having the rare and distinct honour of presenting the highest honour available in the CCO - the Cadet Award of Bravery - to MCpl Jesse Belaire in recognition of his selfless act of courage of diving into the frigid March waters of Sault Ste Marie last winter to save the life of a two-year old boy who had fallen through the ice.
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    1. NatoBro's Avatar
      Bravo Zulu!!
    1. Diesel's Avatar
      Well done! A very rare and exclusive honour that he should be very proud of.
    1. cancadet's Avatar
      He did what he swore he would do, serve his community and be a good citizen
    1. iwazhear's Avatar
      A true Canadian Cadet!
    1. GracefulWalrus's Avatar
      Congratulation MCpl Belaire!
    1. Law's Avatar
      Definitely deserved the medal. Another great and brave citizen in Canada! Congratulations!
    1. J. Gleiberman's Avatar
      Well done!
    1. spiyfire011's Avatar
    1. SEL's Avatar
      Outstanding! BZ!
    1. Restigouche257's Avatar
      Bravo Zulu Jesse, I've only heard of one other such act and that cadet was awarded the star of courage, the only cadet ever to receive it. The sad part was it was awarded posthumously to his parents. He gave his live to save another.