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  1. Blc 2k12!!

    Hello there. How are you on this fine day?
    No but seriously... OH MY GODD!!!! I got accepted for Basic Leadership at Blackdown. Is anyone else going to be there?

  2. Summer Camp...

    When do we find out if we got accepted for summer camp?? Last year I knew in December/January time.

    What choices for summer camps has everyone selected anyway?
    My three choices are:
    1. Basic Leadership
    2. Basic Aviation
    3. Basic Survival

    Seeya later alligatorrrr!!!
  3. Change: Don't Fight It or Fear It. Feel it and Fuel It!

    This blog entry is to reply to some comments made in this fantastic blog entry. You should read that first.

    I have been involved with the Cadet program for about 30 years between being a Cadet and an Officer. The training program has changed 3 times (twice on the Sea Cadet side and then across the board with the CPU) during my time. Summer training courses have changed. Places I went to summer training are no longer Cadet Summer Training Centers. Places I sent Cadets for summer ...

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