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  1. Sling is Making my Shot Worse!

    I've been a Distinguished Marksman for a while now, recently we were introduced to the sling. Despite its benefits, my groupings have been getting worse and worse ever since! Haven't shot a distinguished grouping in a while, why has the sling handicapped my accuracy? Maybe its just me slacking? Thanks in advance!
  2. Helpful tips and tricks for a novice marksman?

    Hello Cadet World!
    I joined my squadron at the very last second, and decided to try out for the marksmanship team, just for fun. I know I hardly have a chance of getting in, I really just tried out because I want to learn how to shoot. The issue is, I have never held a rifle until this point! I was fast-tracked so I never learned a thing about the rifle! Because I joined so late, I missed 4 tryout sessions, so by this time everyone is already familiar with the rifle and their shots have been ...
  3. Postal Marksmanship Matches

    Does anyone out there know about Postal Marksmanship Matches?

    Always looking for ways to do more marksmanship, and wondering if any of you have ever taken part in a "Postal"? I think you mail in your targets for marking.