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  1. Glider Pilot Scholarship Canada BC Practice Exams or any help

    Hi guys, I'm looking for any practice exams similar to the real one and if you could also help me out to enter the course. Thanks a lot. I really want to be a glider pilot at the end of the summer thank you
  2. Glider Scholarship Help!

    This is my second attempt to apply for Glider, the first was last year- which was my first year of cadets and so I was t a severe disadvantage.
    I've been fasted tracked, which means all the competition already has an advantage over me! I have not been with the Cadet program for long, which means I do not have many qualifications! But I do have a few external cadet achievements, although I'm not sure they are relevant!
    I'm worried because I know aviation, but I don't know it in the ...
  3. Glider pilot scholarship

    I haven't took advance aviation because I was too late. I will be taking glider next year hopefully. What should I do and to study?