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  1. Blackdown Here I Come (Again)

    Hey everyone,

    **This is my first post on here, so I'm not so sure if it will fit in or not.**

    First of all, this is then end of my third full year in Air Cadets, and I got promoted to Sergeant in April!

    I am going to CSTC Blackdown again this year!! I went last year to Basic Fitness & Sports (Foxtrot), and this year I am going to Survival Instructor (Bravo).

    I couldn't be more excited because my friend from GT three years ...
    Tags: blackdown, camp
  2. Blc 2k12!!

    Hello there. How are you on this fine day?
    No but seriously... OH MY GODD!!!! I got accepted for Basic Leadership at Blackdown. Is anyone else going to be there?