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  1. First Time at Blackdown

    I've been a cadet for 3 years now, and have yet to attend a summer course at Blackdown. This year, I'm (probably) going to attend FSI, which I have already been accepted to, but am waiting to see if any spots on DCIC open up. But if they don't, I'm headed to Blackdown. If anyone has attended preferably FSI, but Blackdown in general works too, could give me an idea of what to expect, like how cellphones are handled, whether or not I'll have to deal with combats, etc, that'd be much appreciated.
  2. Effective speaking in all elements?

    Greetings to all!

    Now, I've been thinking of Transferring elements (Air to Army) next training year, And, As I have a habit of doing, I began researching into it.

    One of the things I love doing, Is effective/Public Speaking. It's one of my Favourite Past times.

    Now, Unfortunately, The Local Army unit's website is unfinished, So it doesn't list a lot of things and is more just to get the word out to cadets about events.

    I was Curious ...
  3. Songs

    Anyone now any good marching song
  4. a couple of questons

    so im the drum major for the royal canadian sea cadet corp repulse 132 and i have a couple of question. please help me

    1) does the drum major have to wear the sash and cloves on parade
    2) do i have to wear the white belt
    3) can i still spin the masses

    4) and does anyone no where i can find the new drill manual

  5. A bit of a speech

    I jot notes and write inspirational words in hopes to find something that can raise the morale and in general help my peers. Figured I'd share one as I'm hesitant to show anyone in my squadron :/

    The air cadet program is an amazing opportunity that allows youth to soar, physically and mentally. We become a unit, a family, something far beyond the norm. People from many backgrounds, with many unique and potentially clashing personalities co-exist. We may not like everyone, but we respect
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