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  1. Drill comp ... !

    Well, it's coming up hard and fast, and we only just got our drill team together and parade positions picked. I'm not worried though; when I was a first year, it was the exact same thing and we took hom gold. Because we practised quite frequently and gave it our all. Last year, we didn't place, but this year, I think we're gonna make a comeback. Our abour turn on the march is excellent, and that's usually the hardest thing for first years to master. As a whole, I think we stand a fighting chance. ...
  2. Visa spoofs I thought of based on cadet experiences.

    *At the A&W during a mall visit in Vernon*
    Grandpa Burger- 5 Dollars.
    Large Root Beer- 2 Dollars.
    Medium Fries- Dollar fifty.
    Watching your buddy pour his drink all over his uniform while staring at a girl- Priceless.

    *Also at the mall visit but later on*
    Training Allocation per week- 60 dollars
    Price of "necessities" at the mall- 59 dollars
    Price of little merry go round ride outside Zellers- 1 Dollar.
    The look ...
  3. Encounters with Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by Armoured Recce NB View Post
    I just received word from my CO that I have been selected as one of the four Cadets in New Brunswick to be sponsored to attend this event in April
    It will be an incredible experience!

    Here's a description of the program. I am being sponsored for the Vimy program:
    If I have internet access while at the Terry Fox Centre I will blog on the events of the week

    Updated 12th February 2011 at 07:59 by Armoured Recce NB

  4. Not something you see everyday.

    So on parade nights at my corps, every night, a new cadet is chosen for best dressed cadet and they receive a free canteen coupon. So this time, a young cadet who was from England got picked and so he marches up. At this point, a lot of the cadets have not really learned how to salute and just attempt it at the best they can. But this cadet was from England, so he saluted right, just the British way. Definitely not something you see every day.
  5. A request/proposal to what Fortress should be

    I've always knew what Fortress was supposed to be: a communication tool between corps/squadrons, CSTCs, regions, etc. to replace the previous way of doing things which was by mail. However, only recently (about 3 weeks ago) the news came to me while idly talking to one of my officers that it was a complete clustered mess that wasn't made well at all. There were things that made me as a programmer and developer shudder.

    I heard of what Fortress was supposed to be like when it first ...
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