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  1. It's not enough?

    Promotions to CPO2 were two day ago, I was up for them, I didn't get it, that sucked, but it was alright until the kicker. My XO came up to me and tried to explain to me that I should be doing some more stuff to prove I deserve CPO2. This. Is. Crazy. Let me explain to you what it is I do at my corps so you can fully understand my point of view:
    • Chief Boatswains Mate (Including the duties necessary during coulours and sunset)
    • Training PO
    • Drum Major
    • Attending every event and team with the
  2. Changes.....let's make some.

    I don't know about other air cadet squadrons, but I know that mine has been stuck in the past for quite some time. It get's tough sometimes when the answer to every question is "But this is the way it's always been."
    Just because it has always been a certain way in the past, why can we not change it now? Why can we not have real answers and real discussions?
    I feel that the phrase "this is the way it's always been", is an excuse that is far too often used because ...
  3. the couch

    ......We moved the couch out of the NCO's mess, through the drill practice and outside only to find out that no one can take the couch....
    So we moved the couch back up the stairs, back through the drill practice, and back into the mess....
    LOL story of my life.
  4. Medal Mounting

    I have recently been award my second medal and I would like to get them mounted. Is there anyone in the Toronto area that can mount medals?
  5. Change: for the good, for the bad- we should still be glad.

    I read two brilliant blogs on change one by a very close friend of mine which is here and another by Lt(N) Deck here, and I felt that I should probably add my two cents to this discussion.

    I have been in the cadet program for over 5 years now and more than once I have experienced "change". I leave change in quotation marks, because at the end of the day we are all the same, I am still and air cadet as I always have been.

    I remember there was a time where we ...
    Tags: cadets, change, cpu, medals, stc
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