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  1. PO2 Molloy's Top Training Tips-Connaught

    So, the camp season is upon us... Here is a list of tips based on my personal experiences...

    1. When you first get there, especially after a long bus ride, you will be disoriented. That is normal. When you piece it all together two weeks later, just let it go.

    2. Your first walk to the tent will seem like forever.

    3. Please remember 'one man, one kit', and don't pack more than you can carry.

    4. Fold up duffle bags (no plastic in them) ...

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  2. Update

    I kinda just suddenly left for a while, it wasn't intentional, I had forgotten my password and for some reason I couldn't reset it so I gave up.

    Since I last was on I completed GT (great experience) and did a few things such as Christmas parades, tag days. Not much.
  3. New Facebook page! HMCS Cadork

    Just a heads up that there is a new general-interest sea cadet page. All other elements are welcome to join, as there will be relevant content such as lesson plan templates, CATO updates, funnies, tips, etc. the URL is

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    Random musings.
  4. Royal Canadian Air Cadet Narritive

    Hello, all I was wondering if anyone would be able to aid me, in knowing when or how I should be able to give in my RCA(Air)C narrative!!
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  5. Help please!

    I am a happy cadet! Last night I was promoted to WO2 (CP2 for you sea cadets, or master warrent for you army cadets) I am very excited and I think I have a lot of work cut out! Anyways, due to my new promotion I am in charge of planning out next weeks christmas fun night! I came up with the idea of decorating ginger bread men.. only i have to make about 40 on Sunday :/ but oh well anything for cadets! but do any of you know any other ideas I can use Christmas related please! that also brings me ...
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