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  1. Welcome to my blog

    Congrats to CW for getting the blogs setup!

    My name is Spencer I was a cadet with the 504 Blatchford Field RCAirCS for 6.5 years. I ended my career with 504 as a Fsgt and had an awesome time with them. I am now 19 and I am hoping to go to 878 Banff/ Canmore as a CIV to help them out. Currently I am living in Banff and working in the kitchen at the Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Over my years as a cadet I learned a lot about the program and I am always here to answer questions about anything ...
  2. my first blog ~

    yay to CW for getting a blog option (:

    I'm Rebecca , I'm fifteen years old & I'm a flight corporal in 587 Whitney Pier RCACS . this is a bit about my cadet career so far & how it's influenced my life .

    A few years ago when I was in grade six , a few of my friends were showing me these odd things that I did not understand at the time , they told me it was called "ease, attention & easy" and I really had no idea why I was doing them , I knew it had

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  3. Departure Edmonton - Arrival Banff

    16 August 2008 00 hrs

    Departed Edmonton this morning at 0800 and me and my mom drove down to Red Deer. Arrived shortly after 11 and was quickly on the bus, but not before the sad goodbye's to my Mom and caught the bus for Calgary. I knew this was going to be a long bus ride so I pulled out the trusty iPod/Headphones and put on the sweet sounds of the Canadian Brass. Once I got all setup I hunkered down for a nice nap. Awoke just outside of Airdrie. Once into Calgary I was surprised ...
  4. Introducing CWblog!

    Cadet-World has now implemented the Vbulletin Blog system as part of our website!

    This enables us to have CWblog, where CW members can have their very own Cadet-related blog.

    CWblog is designed for content that is related to your Cadet or Military experience in some way. Blog posts about your life in general are not completely discouraged, but we want this to be a place where you can talk about your life as it relates to your Cadet / Military experience. Blog about ...

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