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  1. how good of a drum majer are you

    hello im LS craggs for 132 repulse and i'm the drum major her if you no the new way for drum major please help thanks for you i no the turns and stuff and the mass to you chest and the holt that really it and i no the left quack march
  2. Sea Cadet Dress Regs

    It has to be the first time in 20 years that the RCSC dress CATO has been more up to date than the Army or Air ones.

    Random file repository lookings.

  3. My response to recent events

    What is happening in Canada is crazy. We are not accustomed to this kind of violence. First, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent is struck and killed by a car, and then Corporal Nathan Cirillo is shot in Ottawa. These events are tragic and my thoughts are with the families of our fallen soldiers.

    I don't know why ISIS has specifically called out Canada to be targeted. What I do know is that some of their new apparent recruits live here. They have seen that this country is generally peaceful, ...
  4. Best number ever

    CW hit 666 likes on Facebook.

    This needs to be archived.

    Updated 20th October 2014 at 17:58 by Thundah

  5. Oh my missing slipons

    Where art thou?
    I haventh not a petty second.
    For th' first of many a Tuesday.
    Shall be a time of shining bright.
    An th' uniform is quite immaculate.
    If only I shalt find th' ranks that went amiss.

    Ugggggh. Somebody went snooping through my cadet stash over the summer...
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