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  1. hey

  2. drum majer

    so im a drum major in training and i started on naday and i have learned the halt and march and stuff but one of the PO2 hate me because i'm in the drum majer spot he wonted to be the drum major but he cant they wont some young what should i do

    sea PO
    army sergeant
    air flight sergeant or sergeant
  3. The Adventures of Tagging

    I don't mind tagging but the amount of time any given cadet stands out there for is 4-8 hours and I'm pretty sure even the most prolific cadets start to goof off by half way.

    Today was weird, first the automatic door breaks and never closes, so it's really cold in the space between the elements and the safe indoors. Then some guy decides to steal a TV so we all start giving the Walmart employee who chased the guy down a standing ovation. Then the fire alarm goes off when my AC lightly ...
  4. Perception

    The way you form your words in situations that challenge your views can forever label you as something you may not be.

    The same views can be respected and disrespected depending on the way you form your words.

    If you don't think carefully, you can end up misrepresenting yourself.

    Of course that's just my perception. Perhaps in your perception I'm the one who's misrepresenting myself.

    Just thoughts....

    It's the uniquity of ...
  5. This is where the road ends...for good.

    Hello CW, CPO2 (Ret.) Levis here with what is probably going to be my last blog posting ever on Cadet-World. I have officially Retired from the cadet program (both mentally and physically). After I did not get Cox'n because school got in the way of me being able to come to cadets (College life), I figured it would be only worth my time to just leave the corps (i was also getting tired of the politics and favoritism). My time as a Cadet had so many awesome adventures, I met so many awesome people ...
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