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  1. 1812 Pin Removal for cadets?

    Random question, But I suppose it'd make sense to ask, And what better place then a Cadet forum?

    Please forgive me, It's kinda a pointless question, But, I've heard little to no real ruling from any Seniors/Officers on it.

    As the war of 1812's 200th anniversary begins to wind to a close, The CAF Removed their Pins on the 16th of February after the Commemoration period had ended.

    Now, heres the part where I sound kinda pointless. Does this apply to cadets ...
  2. Life Update and so on

    Well, it has been a long time since I've been on here, so I'll post an update blog explaining the last two years of my life.
    Since my last blog, I moved up to the rank of Flight Sergeant, was given the title of Drum Major and was doing rather well for myself. Marks in the 80's, doing well at cadets, etc. But I fell out of love for the program my 12 year old self fell into. I just lost interest and other musical groups caught my attention. They seemed more promising for what I wanted to do ...
  3. wat

    I was going through pictures of a squadron's ACR and an LAC was awarded the LSM.

    That isn't supposed to be possible.

    Maybe that LAC deserved it but there has to be a lot of odd occurrences for him/her to be eligible.

  4. Hmcs quadra signals po

    My first option for staff in summer 2015 is Signals PO, Can anyone give a detailed description on what it is that they do. Anyone who has previously done Signals PO can share experiences.
  5. what do i do and what are the names

    so im training in drum major and i wont to surprise my chef so if you no just comment below the names
    firt one
    1 when you are on the march and you put the mass down and go throw the band what is that
    2 how to single the band to stop playing
    3 a turn not a wheel a turn
    4 what is the time with the mass for mark time and how do you do a eyes right with the mass do you call it

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