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  1. FYOP Mornings

    Best. Decision. Ever..

    .. Not that that was going through my head at 5:50 in the morning as I'm trying to sneak out of bed to get a head start before the coming of the daily apocalypse of the First Year Orientation Program (FYOP).

    Technically, wake up time was 6:00am. We weren't supposed to have any alarm clocks or means of telling time, but I found a way.

    Luckily, too, because having the blaring of nightmarish "O Fortuna" be your ...
  2. Pulling Rank is the Holdout of the Weak

    I have been asked recently why I lead the way I do. I figured there would be no better place than to discuss it in my very own CadetWorld Blog. I encourage constructive


    Regardless of your opinion of the PERSON, always respect the RANK. Ranks are absolute. Address anyone by thier title, salute the officers, and if you don't have something CONSTRUCTIVE to say, keep your trap shut. I do not encourage, endorse, or enjoy disrespect. In fact, that's the opposite ...

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  3. Look out boards, here I come!! :D

    nd nervousness, I took the power pilot qualification exam on Tuesday and I passed!! One step closer to hopefully getting selected for the power pilot scholarship! Wish me luck, and good luck to any other applicants out there
  4. My problem with ANAVETS...

    Everyone always thinks that if you get ANAVETS you are guaranteed a staff position and you will get Senior DPO of a division. This isn't even true! Some say "It is the most prestigious award a cadet can hold" it's not! It is the most prestigious award a cadet may receive at a summer training center... It is the second lowest medal a cadet can receive! Right above the service medal.. So when people try to compare and brag about ANAVETS, i don't know if I'm the only who gets annoyed, but ...
  5. One More Year Down the Road

    It's now been three years since I joined cadets. I never imagined coming this far. When I joined cadets, it was based on two things: my desire to bring myself closer to a military style of life and the need for community service hours. Later, being perhaps a tad pessimistic in my own potential, I made my biggest goal to be a Sergeant. Now I've achieved that goal, but so much has changed.

    First of all, being accepted onto Fullbore Phase I last summer was something that I could have ...
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