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    well, officers in my squadron said that if you apply for one of the pilot courses and another national course... that basically spoils your chance. But hey, who am I to talk? I am applying for power AND aircraft maintenance courses, so let's just wait and see how it turns out.
    As for narratives, be creative! You can look up for the "standard format" but that's just a reference. Of course, be formal. Just keep in mind that u r not texting ur friends, and be respectful.

    Dear Sir/Ma'am
    XXXXXXX(some very respectful and
    XXXXXXX formal language without
    XXXXXXX spelling or grammar errors)

    and then sign it on the bottom
    tell them about your life in cadets, your previous summer training, what you do in your squadron like do you participate in band or drill team, or have you been taking leadership roles? your life outside cadets(related to the course), for example, I am doing co-op as a mechanic so l would put this on my narrative for AM course. and why you should be chosen over others.
    that's just a small portion though, search up some information. you might find files on a website of other squadrons on how to write narratives, those are pretty helpful.
    sometimes there will be mock interviews in the squadron. If there isn't or you are not sure, ask your officers. some tips: read the newspaper, know your geographies, like capitals of Canadian provinces and South American nations. Interview questions are really general. I wish you all the best! (now back to my own narrative)
    hope I would see you at the training centre next summer?
    Thanks for your help! Good luck to you as well, hopefully we meet in the near future!