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  1. Change: for the good, for the bad- we should still be glad.

    I read two brilliant blogs on change one by a very close friend of mine which is here and another by Lt(N) Deck here, and I felt that I should probably add my two cents to this discussion.

    I have been in the cadet program for over 5 years now and more than once I have experienced "change". I leave change in quotation marks, because at the end of the day we are all the same, I am still and air cadet as I always have been.

    I remember there was a time where we ...
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  2. Just a quick rant

    Okay, I'm confused, whats the deal with Rebecca Black?
    I checked my email, 14 people have sent me a link to watch the video in the last 24 hours...
    The video has been around less than two weeks, and by the end of today, it will have had more views than some timeless classics, we all take for granted
    I mean, why would someone want to watch a video of a teenager singing about her inane friday routine, does anyone here care?