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J-P Johnson

  1. Build morale to build up a corps or sqn

    From time to time a cadet member of CW will start a thread looking for help to raise standards; or building morale or numbers in their corps or squadron. A few years ago I posted a response to one of those pleas for help that I recently stumbled upon again when I was searching for something else. It still seemed pretty relevant so I thought I'd edit it a bit and post it as a blog.

    'How do I improve morale in my corps?'

    The answer to "fixing" a corps is not just ...
  2. 10 Things You Thought You Knew About Drill

    So here it is, my first blog entry...

    After years of working at squadrons and summer training, I've noticed that there are few things that many cadets do that are at odds with the drill manual. I decided to take the 10 most common and put them together as a hand-out for the two squadrons I worked with. I'd like to share it with everyone here.

    It's a bit air cadet centric but, trust me, most of these transcend elements.

    You can check it out here: