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  1. The band that can be

    Well, it's almost ACR time and for the first time in 15 years, our Squadron has a band with some brass. Usually we had two or three glocks some snares and our bass drum. Our marchpast for the past 12 years has been "the saints" . Now i'm not knocking "the Saints" but after hearing it for my entire cadet career I kind of cringe when I hear the glock chiming "the Saints".

    Now it's been a rough year , the Squadron went from having a full slate of adult staff ...
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  2. Sleep deprived

    So, it's 3:30am now, I've been studying for a PSYCH Midterm all day and all night. This is awful. If I go to sleep now i'll only have to wake up at 6:00 am anyway.

    So, coffee is on once again.

    I may as well introduce myself.

    I'm Adam French, from Newfoundland.
    I'm 18, and currently enrolled at Memorial University of Newfoundland as a undergrad in the faculty of arts. I'm from 837 North East RCACS and i'm the WO1 there. ( Currently on Leave ...