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  1. Change: Don't Fight It or Fear It. Feel it and Fuel It!

    This blog entry is to reply to some comments made in this fantastic blog entry. You should read that first.

    I have been involved with the Cadet program for about 30 years between being a Cadet and an Officer. The training program has changed 3 times (twice on the Sea Cadet side and then across the board with the CPU) during my time. Summer training courses have changed. Places I went to summer training are no longer Cadet Summer Training Centers. Places I sent Cadets for summer ...

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  2. Taking a Distance Learning Course

    At the time of this writing, I am about two thirds of the way through an 8 week CIC Distance Learning (CICDL) course. This is an online course using the DNDLearn Learning Management system. The course I am taking is the CIC e-Learning Facilitator Training Course. Upon successful completion of the course, I can be employed by D Cadets as an e-Learning Facilitator, someone who helps guide students through other online courses. So in other words, I am taking an online course to learn how to help ...

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    CIC Distance Learning
  3. Canada's Navy Centennial

    In our printed program for our ACR this year, we decided to allocate some space to commemorate the Naval Centennial. The following is a write-up I did for the program to summarize the Naval Centennial for our guests.


    100 YEARS OF SERVICE – Navy Centennial

    “Commemorate, Celebrate, Commit”

    On May 4th, 1910, the Crown granted Royal Assent to the Canadian Naval Service Act, which authorized the formation of the ...
  4. My CO's Year End Message 2010

    At my Corps, in our printed program for our ACR, the CO and the Navy League Branch President each have a spot for a year end message. I thought that I would take mine from this year and post it to my CWblog to share some of my thoughts here. Although some of the comments are particular to my Corps, much of it is generally applicable to all Cadet units, and so I thought that some may find it interesting.



    RCSCC Grilse
  5. CadetWorld Launches CWwiki

    Cadet-World has implemented a wiki section as part of our website!

    You can find it here:

    The wiki, called CWwiki, is a project we have talked about for nearly a year here at CW. We had originally wanted to implement this last spring, but we had some unavoidable delays for technical reasons. The server that hosts CW was being upgraded, some of the back end software which powers the website was being moved to newer versions. The webhost ...

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    Cadet-World Tech Stuff
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