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M. Arnott

  1. 2010: The Best of it

    With 2010 wrapping up soon, I needed to post the best experiences I have had so far.
    • Travelling to Toronto and Montreal
    • Spending all of June on the west coast
    • The amazing people I worked with at CLCSTC
    • Seeing Down With Webster and Stereos in the summer
    • Going to 13+ concerts
    • These Kids Wear Crowns - Knowing about them pre-DisBand, seeing them on DisBand, chilling with them the first time I met them, watching their Disband Discovered episode, seeing them in Vancouver, seeing them open

    Updated 7th December 2010 at 17:59 by M. Arnott

  2. The WOW Show

    I am not one to write reviews of stuff, unless things totally amaze me (and if they disappoint me, it turns into a rant). That alone should tell you something. What am I reviewing today you ask? ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I'VE EVER BEEN TO! Yes, I am talking about the WOW show which took place in Toronto on 15 January 2010.

    So lets start out. It was a general admission show so I wound up lining up super early for it. I think I got to the theatre around 1 pm, but that is irrelevant. I had ...
  3. Thoughts of a Former Cadet

    A piece of me feels like it is missing. That piece of me is the CCM. Wow...I can't believe I have been out of the movement for 2 months now. After 6 and a bit years, it gets so ingrained into a person. Being a part of the CCM left a lasting mark on me. Even though I ultimately decided to retire after having the decision pressing down on me all summer. Well I did try to get involved with a nearby unit but they didn't need me.

    Today during a group meeting for a project for sociology, ...
  4. Why Staffing GT is a rewarding job

    With the deadline for staff apps is fast approaching, I figured I should reflect on my personal experiences of spending two summers staffing Basic/GT at both Albert Head and Penhold. Two very different CSTC's, but two very rewarding summers. GT is the course no one really wants to staff, and for those with that mindset, they are really missing out.

    In summer 2008, I was selected as a staff cadet at Albert Head. I was extremely upset about this because I REALLY wanted to staff SLC. Well ...
  5. Going Home in 54 days

    This blog post is going to be something other than an album review. I am at a loss for albums to review so I'm taking a break from that for a bit. Think of this as a more traditional blog post.

    I cannot believe that I get to go home in 54 days. This semester is half-over so I'm pretty excited. My step-mom bought me my plane ticket home which I am very grateful for (except I can't call it home now that I am a resident of Manitoba). My mom is supposed to be buying me my one to get back ...
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