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  1. Glider Scholarship Help!

    This is my second attempt to apply for Glider, the first was last year- which was my first year of cadets and so I was t a severe disadvantage.
    I've been fasted tracked, which means all the competition already has an advantage over me! I have not been with the Cadet program for long, which means I do not have many qualifications! But I do have a few external cadet achievements, although I'm not sure they are relevant!
    I'm worried because I know aviation, but I don't know it in the ...
  2. Sling is Making my Shot Worse!

    I've been a Distinguished Marksman for a while now, recently we were introduced to the sling. Despite its benefits, my groupings have been getting worse and worse ever since! Haven't shot a distinguished grouping in a while, why has the sling handicapped my accuracy? Maybe its just me slacking? Thanks in advance!
  3. Applying for Multiple National Courses

    A second-year cadet, three national course applications...what could go wrong?
    I fast-tracked, but I only have two years left in the program and I want to make the most of it, so I'm considering applying to multiple national courses. Although I have very low chances due to my lack of time in the organization- do I have anything to lose by doing so?
    I was told that if I get accepted into more than one course and refused one, it will ruin my chances in the future if I want ...