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  1. Diesel -
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    A good start on the history of the Army Cadets:

    Good luck!
  2. mick -
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    Cadet World is such a great resource, not only for past cadets, but also present and future cadets wanting to better themselves! Thanks.
  3. Thundah -
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    Pretty much what the Lt(N) said, these forums have become somewhat obsolete due to the accessibility of social media outlets such as Facebook.

    Personally I like CW because the discussions are a lot more civilized here, but I don't think it's going to really stay current for much longer.
  4. Lt(N) Deck -
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsmdanielz
    Can we share it in the Cadets around the world facebook page?
    Actually, it is because of Facebook and other social media that CW has become a much quieter place. We used to be the place where people would gather to talk about Cadets, but then Facebook groups made it easy for people to create their own groups to talk about whatever they want. As new Cadets joining the organization were already growing up in a world with Facebook and other social media outlets, it became natural for them to look their for the Cadet related social gathering and information resources that CadetWorld traditionally was the only place around for. We still get a lot of search engine traffic though, people google for Cadet things and end up here reading stuff that has been shared here.

    But please do feel free to encourage people to join and to post here at CW. There are still people who come here on a regular basis, it would be nice to get some more.

  5. tsmdanielz -
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    Can we share it in the Cadets around the world facebook page?