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  1. Songs

    Anyone now any good marching song
  2. a couple of questons

    so im the drum major for the royal canadian sea cadet corp repulse 132 and i have a couple of question. please help me

    1) does the drum major have to wear the sash and cloves on parade
    2) do i have to wear the white belt
    3) can i still spin the masses

    4) and does anyone no where i can find the new drill manual

  3. what do i do and what are the names

    so im training in drum major and i wont to surprise my chef so if you no just comment below the names
    firt one
    1 when you are on the march and you put the mass down and go throw the band what is that
    2 how to single the band to stop playing
    3 a turn not a wheel a turn
    4 what is the time with the mass for mark time and how do you do a eyes right with the mass do you call it

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  4. hey

  5. drum majer

    so im a drum major in training and i started on naday and i have learned the halt and march and stuff but one of the PO2 hate me because i'm in the drum majer spot he wonted to be the drum major but he cant they wont some young what should i do

    sea PO
    army sergeant
    air flight sergeant or sergeant
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