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Bill Z Fan

  1. Cyclic universe? Don't loose sleep!

    Many of you know the standard Big Bang Theory in relation to the Singularity Model. That the universe began from a single point and then expanded outwards. This brings many problems to the table such as what was before the singularity? What caused the singularity to expand? This is why a cyclic model seems to be "simpler".
    The cyclic model that I will talk about is different than the normal cyclic model that you've all heard of some time in your life that has been dis-proven already. ...
  2. I've done it!

    As a species, we have asked a lot of questions throughout our history. Today, I have solved a very important long lasting question that neither religion nor science are able to answer with great confidence.

    Today, I have, finally solve our biggest problem, our biggest cause to ponder. I have an answer to the question: "Why are we here?"

    The answer to this age long problem has been sitting under our noses for a long time now.

    Now before I give ...