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  1. Rescue Operation

    On Saturday the 15th of June, 2013, during an ACR preparation on-board weekend at RCSCC 105 LONSDALE, a woman wandered onto our property from the rear and told one of our first-year cadets that there was an emergency and that there was a woman hanging off the side of the ravine behind our building.

    The cadet fetched our CO who told me to inform the coxswain to muster the ship's company for an emergency rescue in our rear court. I assisted my coxswain to carry ropes from our training ...
  2. Knot Board

    For out-of-corps phase 2 training, I was assigned to make a knot board with the 6 main knots, bends, and hitches frequently used, what do you think?
    (This image is cut-off a bit on the right)
    Tags: bowline, knots
  3. Summer Training - HMCS Quadra

    So, our training officer at RCSCC 105 Lonsdale (SLt. Kroeker) told me tonight that I have been accepted to summer training at CSTC HMCS Quadra ! My travel date is 28/07/2013 and this will be a 3 week course, I am expected to graduate on either 15/08/2013 or 17/08/2013 . I originally applied for advanced sail (at the RMC), but was turned down because of age restrictions, but I have been accepted for basic drill/ceremonial. I'd like to hear about your experiences at Quadra, and specifically ...
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  4. Almost Complete List Of RCSCC And NLCC Units ( Need Help To Complete)

    [QUOTE=Ryan D Smith;936532][B]Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (Help me Complete)
    Red Means Missing

    #105 LONSDALE (not Lansdale) is not disbanded. I'd know, I parade there.
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  5. HMCS Algonquin Day Sail on 25/04/2013

    I am so excited! I have just recently received late word from my coxswain that I (and others) have been accepted for the day sail across the Strait of Georgia aboard Iroquois-class destroyer HMCS Algonquin. It will be an early start for this experience, to specify, I need to be at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver at 0500! Wow, but totally worth it!

    Thanks for reading (odds are that no one will ever read this, I mean seriously, who reads these?) and message me or add me if you are also going. ...
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