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FCpl Smith

  1. Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace, Trenton Summer '14

    Long time no see CW. It's been almost a year. In that time, I've been through:
    -Approx. 34 training nights
    -2 Field Training Exercises
    -1 Promotion
    -1 Fitness Assessment
    -1 Annual Ceremonial Review
    -1 Remembrance Day service
    -2 Gliding Sessions
    -1 Change of Command
    -3 March Break activities
    -2 tagging sessions, 10 shifts in total

    Anything else?
    Oh yeah, how could I forget?

    ...1 Summer ...
  2. Welcome to Level Two...

    Good evening CW, as in my last post I did complete GT. By now I got promoted to Corporal! Also, it's my second lap in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, and I even got the opportunity to lead my flight! Happy about my promotion, and the level-up (so to speak, ) We already have a slough of "harder" classes, and I have more duties and responsibilities. Just wanted to ask, what is coming this year, and what should I expect? Also kinda wanted to, admitibally, brag about the promotion :P ...
  3. Gt 2013

    Hey CW, as the spring tagging passes, I have recently applied to GT at CSTC Trenton, ON. I have been accepted, and am leaving 5 August 2013. This is going to be amazing and I really hope nothing goes wrong. I am really excited and wondering what to expect? What will we be doing? How is the food there? Feel free to share any stories or experiences. Also, our Admin O mentioned something about flying in a CC-177 Globemaster III or CC-130 Hercules. Is this, Can this be true? Thanks CW.
  4. Promotion time!!!!

    631 Sentinel has a new LAC! So this Wednesday night, as I'm marching out of the instruction room, a table with LAC ranks on it is set up by the office ! As excited as I was, I fell in with the rest of the LAC-to-bes. That night, as expected, I got promoted to the rank of LAC.
  5. Uniforms!

    Well, it's finally time! Yesterday, I was sized for my uniform! I already have the blue dress shirt and the wedge ready. Well, on the topic, do you have any tips on taking care of uniforms? Thanks!