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    After a rough year last year, I was excited for a change in my unit.
    I was appointed Coxswain, and promoted to CPO1 by my new CO.
    I have worked 10x harder being with such amazing staff, and they have been so supportive of me.

    They put my name in for the HMCS ONTARIO Citation, and i was so happy, and I was so proud...
    But then I got accepted to the Seamanship Deployment in BC, which they also applied for me! I had no idea...

    Then I get a call while ...
  2. Have you ever been...

    Have you ever been so busy that you feel like there isn't enough time in the day?
    Currently, I'm working two jobs, in the university stream of Grade 12, hosting/a part of multiple charity events, and Coxswain of RCSCC QUINTE.
    Last year, i had 7 department jobs, and I was so busy, but i liked it. This year, I have just as much work, PLUS, all my extra curriculars. It's so hard to keep up with everything..
    My CPO1 Board is tomorrow, and I've been so busy i've put off studying, ...
  3. Random thoughts of the week.

    Rest in peace to Harold J Allen.
    Former CO of N.L.C.C C Cataraqui and my Grandfather.
    My hero, my inspiration, my reason i'm in cadets now.

    Congratulations to Lisa Allen.
    Recepient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.
    My mommy, my strength, the power that keeps me going.

    Thank you daddy.
    CO of 2818 Army in Belleville.
    For pushing me for all I've achieved, for fighting for me when I was at my lowest, for encouraging ...
  4. Promtion!

    Tonight, I was promoted to Chief Petty Officer Second Class, along with my best friend.
    It is a great feeing know what I have accomplished in the last year.

    I am very excited for our Annual Ceremonial Review, being a Staff Cadet at HMCS Ontario this summer, and being the Coxswain at RCSCC Quinte next year.
  5. Happy PO1 Allen !!! :)

    Tonight, we had a half of our officers present, the supply officer, admin officer, and my XO.
    All was normal, practicing for our Annual Ceremonial Review (in 10 days),
    When at sunset, I stood my band easy while waiting for the XO to be present.
    I heard my Cox'n say "Sir, Captain Allen is here" ... I asked myself ("why is my dad here? :s")

    Well a few minutes later, my XO was had said he had a special presentation...
    He said "I ...
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