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  1. Tolerance Test

    If you find yourself impatient when dealing with cadets, simply use my patience conditioning system (develloped with the aid of the internet). Follow the following three easy steps to condition yourself to all forms of annoyance:

    1. Turn your computer volume to maximum (headphones are optional if you do not wish to disturp anyone)
    2. Click this link:
    3. Listen for 120 minutes (7200 seconds)

    You will feel more patient, or go raving ...
  2. A Staff Cadet's Guide to Vernon Relaxation.

    Three easy steps you can take to ease stress on yourself and keep cool while staffing at VACSTC. I am sure there are more, but these are my top three.

    1. Underwear/Socks

    Always, always, always have clean underwear. Nothing is more discouraging than to go to get into a fresh set of civvies and realize you have no more clean underwear. Believe me, in that heat, doing that much work, your undies will get unpleasent SHOCKINGLY fast. Learn from my mistakes, change twice ...

    Updated 7th February 2011 at 21:17 by Sabre

  3. The CATOs (Army Cadets)

    Some stuff peple are always arguing about, I looked up:


    CATO 46-01, Paragraph 54:
    Displays of affection and friendship are to
    be expected between teenage friends that enjoy
    each other’s company, especially in times of joy
    or sadness. Normal displays of teenage
    ...affection such as hugging, laughing, high-fives
    and the act of consoling each other in times of
    sadness is not to be discouraged as it contributes ...
  4. Pulling Rank is the Holdout of the Weak

    I have been asked recently why I lead the way I do. I figured there would be no better place than to discuss it in my very own CadetWorld Blog. I encourage constructive


    Regardless of your opinion of the PERSON, always respect the RANK. Ranks are absolute. Address anyone by thier title, salute the officers, and if you don't have something CONSTRUCTIVE to say, keep your trap shut. I do not encourage, endorse, or enjoy disrespect. In fact, that's the opposite ...

    Updated 6th February 2011 at 00:34 by Sabre