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  1. Dear 12 Year Old Me

    Dear 12 Year old me,

    You have no idea what you are getting your self into. You have the top of the world on your shoulders and everything that will ever define you is starting right now. within the next 5 years, you will become a sailor, a gunner, a Drill and Ceremonial Grad, A Drill and Ceremonial Staff member. You will learn how to shoot rifles, and make flawless routines through precise drill movements. You will make friends that will last a life time and memories that will last ...
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  2. A fantastic conversation between me and my best friend

    Me: we should make camouflage smarties
    Fsgt Prue: what??????
    Me: we should make camouflage smarties!
    Fsgt Prue:why???
    Me: 'cause we'll be in the bush, and we'll probably get hungry so I pull out my smarties that are conveniently in one of my combat pockets but I don't want to have a Jr. Cadet say "ma'am you are caught because I saw a bright purple smartie in your hand", therefore we should make camouflage smarties!
    Fsgt Prue: hahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahha ...
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  3. ... quotes

    Nobody ever set their sights on second place, who aspires to be almost remembered? there's a reason there are no giant foam fingers that say "we're number 3" No one wants to to tell an average joke, make an underwhelming entrance, go out with a whimper, No one stood in front of a mirror with a hairbrush pretending to be a tambourine player, and they're are definitely more kids dressed in Batman than Robin.

    we all aspire <3
  4. Oughh....

    Ough, so, i got an email from my CO today, with a lot of attachments, i open it up and i see that they are full of lesson plans and powerpoints for my lessons. I know that everyone else uses Powerpoints as their training aid, but that is basically all of our classes at school, is Powerpoints and on the smart board. I mean i guess it is easier to type up a few words for a picture and call it a presentation, but what ever happened to making your own lesson plans and going over it with your Platoon ...
  5. First Training night of the 11/12 trg year.

    Tonight is our first training night of the 11/12 training year, i am more excited then i should be.. maybe it is becuase i am the RSM? or that we are going to have amazing cadets that i know will do great. Either way, i am really happy about tonight and,I have been waiting for cadets to start up as soon as it has ended. I know i have a good Sgt's and Warrants under me and i have an amazing set of officers above me.
    Well, i have to get back to sewing on badges and ironing,
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