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  1. Almost a senior!

    Can't believe it's already our ACR once again here at the corps. And hey! I'm getting promoted to PO2, or so I hope...

    Well before I start going on about stuff that I've learned and such before I promoted tomorrow afternoon, I must say that this 3rd year of mine has been most eventful! Starting off with competing in our Alberta provincial regatta, being the drill team 2iC at a comp that we did quite well at, honour band shenanigans once more at 17 Wing in Winnipeg, a fun sports comp, ...
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  2. random plans/thoughts + April 1st 2013 [UPDATED]

    [Future plans/thoughts]

    Alright so... I'm desperately waiting for camp. Many people are, count me in.

    I've started wondering after I got back from honour band if it's possible to be able to staff in a different "specialization" than the trade you took. I'd think you could if you were qualified to... If this is the case, I'd very much like to finish up my sail, then have potential staff opportunities in music and sail.

    And ACR's coming up... ...
  3. Wicked April Fool's Day Idea

    As you may or may not know, RCSCC CALGARY parades Monday nights. GUESS WHAT? 01/04/13 is on a Monday!!!! As the corps' music librarian I have a wicked awesome plan to play stuff that normally you'll never hear on the parade square.


    [March on] - May be in slow time depending how much music we're going to play.
    Wedding March - Felix Mendelssohn

    [Colours] - Can't change this for obvious reasons.
    O Canada

    [Inspection] Usually ...